Prepare. Position. Press. Day 20 – Pray as Long as It Takes

I would not be where I am right now without prayer. Prayer has been a lifeline for me over the years. Through prayer and the evolution of my understanding of prayer, I grew deeper and stronger in my faith. As the days go by, I continually see the fruit of answered prayers manifesting in my life.

I don’t just pray to get something anymore, but I used to. I pray because I love to talk to God; before I would only pray faithfully when I was in a crisis. I pray now because I want to do His work. I pray because I want to see my family, friends, and loved ones saved, too.

Prayer was the "asking, seeking, and knocking" Jesus mentions in Luke 11 and I am okay with bombarding heaven for as long as it takes. I won’t lie and say that I don’t get weary at times. But we must pray! We must take our concerns, our burdens for others, and just regular ‘I love You God’ prayers to God on a regular because it’s in knocking that the doors are opened.

Heavenly Father, thank You! Thank You that I am able to come to You as I am in prayer. I pray right now seeking You for the other tools necessary for my success in battle. I come asking You to speak to me as only You can. I ask You to guide me on the path You have chosen for me. I thank You that with Your anointing and Your power, I am ready to slay the enemy as David did. I pray that You will continue to be glorified and help me to grow deeper in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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