Prepare. Position. Press. Day 18 – Worship is Part of Who You Are

Worship is a part of who you are. Why do I say that? Well from Genesis, we learn that we were created to worship God. We were created to praise Him. Worship is an act of religious devotion. I want to take it deeper and say that worship is a sort of abiding.

Worship is a sort of abiding because of the word devotion in how it is defined. When you are devoted to something, you are committed or dedicated. Devotion is also strong love or loyalty. I think of abiding because it, by definition, implies eternity. We are called to worship God forever. We are called to abide in our love, adoration, adulation, and appreciation of God until the ends of time. That is worship. So, let us continue in pressing by developing and sustaining an attitude and mindset of worship, in every aspect of our lives.

Father God, thank You for this journey. Thank You for teaching me how to press. Thank You for teaching me how to not give up. Thank You for equipping me for every battle that lies ahead. I pray and ask You for the strength to endure. I pray that through this You will teach me more about You and Your character. I ask that I receive the power from You to press into You like never before. I thank You that because of You I live and through You I triumph. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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