Prepare. Position. Press. Day 17 – Give God Thanks!

Thank you. Thanks. I say this nearly 100 times a day. I hope you have noticed that I say it often in the prayers at the end too. This just came to mind as a clear difference between praise and thanksgiving — we praise God for who He is, His character attributes. We thank God for what He has done and is going to do. Both express appreciation but in different ways.

Thanksgiving is so powerful. It has the ability to shift you from sadness and feelings of depression. It has the power to reset your mind and usher you into a place of peace. We use thanksgiving because countless times in the Bible it was used as a warfare tactic (read 2 Chronicles 20, Psalm 80, etc.). I regularly practice 30-40 days of gratitude where I list out things to thank God for each day. During those times, I experience unanticipated breakthrough and I know it’s from God. So try it for yourself! After this challenge is over, do 40 days of gratefulness (in fact I’m certain I will do it).

Father God, thank You for another day. Thank You for waking me up in my right mind. Thank You that I am alive, healthy and thriving. Thank You that I have a reason to live, and that is seeking to live out the purposes and plans You have for me. Thank You for healing my heart. Thank You for preparing my mind for the things You have for me. Thank You for positioning me to receive and be a conduit of all You want to do in the Earth. Thank You for teaching me to press, and using thanksgiving as a means of pressing. I thank You that I am forever changed! In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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