Prepare. Position. Press. Day 16 – Time to Press: Press in Praise

So we enter the final 6 days of this challenge. We have transitioned into the part of the process where we need to press. Before we dive deep, it was on my heart to repent. So many times we missed opportunities out of immaturity or a lack of faith. We grew up with our focus on the wrong area or on the wrong thing. I thank God in faith that this will not be you or me any longer! We have spent time refocusing and redirecting to use the Word, our faith, and God as our foundation.

Do you believe that God still performs miracles? And if you do believe, are you willing to seek God for His miracles for you? This challenge, I hope, has challenged you to have radical faith and exercise that faith to be ready and positioned for what God wants you to receive.

The definition of the word press means to move or cause to move into a position of contact with something by exerting continuous physical force. We are applying pressure to the obstacles in our lives and the spiritual, unseen forces over the next several days.

So today we press in through our praise. Some great Psalms to reference for praise are Psalm 150, 146, 148, 149, and 135. To praise is to express gratitude, respect, reverence, and adoration for God. We press in by praising God in spite of how our situation looks. We press in by praising God when our immediate situation does not look how we want it to look. We defeat the enemy when we continue to praise God despite every attempt to get us to doubt and give up in faith. Let’s press in and praise God!

Father God! Thank you for today. Lord, I appreciate and am grateful to You for keeping Your hand on me. I thank You and appreciate You for covering me and protecting me. I pray that as I continue to press in, that I remain in sync with you and I truly experience encounters with You like never before. I thank You for life and I thank You that I will never be the same after this experience. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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