Prepare. Position. Press. Day 15 – Put in the Work!

Faith without works is dead. You’ve heard it before I’m sure. But it is so relevant here.

You cannot reap the fruits of a garden if you did not first plant the seeds. Then you have to water the garden regularly and properly as well as check for and remove weeds. You also have to make sure the garden is receiving adequate sun. You must protect the harvest you are seeking from predators. You may even need to provide the nutrients the soil is missing in order for your garden to thrive. Doing all of these things well may produce a bountiful harvest.

Something you must ask yourself though is why you are doing what you are doing. If your goal is to glorify God and to manifest His will and purpose for your life in the Earth, God is faithful to help you. But often, people have ulterior motives that do not include God at all. Worst yet, it is easy to get distracted. Execution can be difficult because you have to maintain your focus by keeping your eyes on the prize, or refocusing on it when necessary.

I don’t know about you, but I want everything God has promised me and everything He put on my heart for this season. I refuse to not be prepared like I have been many times in the past.

Lord God, thank You for Your word. Thank You that You left me a guide here to refer back to and to look to in order to clarify my path. I thank You for this process and that I can follow it to get to the destiny that lies ahead of me. I ask You to forgive me for not having followed through in the past. I ask You to forgive me for lacking the discipline to execute. I thank You that with the new habits I am instituting and the renewed mindset I now have, I can execute with precision. I thank You for preparing the field and for blessing the harvest for me. I thank You for my life and for the purposes You desire to bring to pass through my life. I align myself with seeking to glorify You in all I do and I thank You for the motivation to make it to the finish line. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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