The Lessons in Repotting a Plant

I learned a lot today as I repotted my plant. I felt God speaking to me through that process and I knew I had to share.

1) Recognize when you are not thriving in your environment. I realized my plant, affectionately named Joe after my granddaddy, was not thriving in the beautiful pot I bought for him. I did not know that peace lilies need a pot that drained. So because I want him to leave and thrive while I’m away, I found a new pot and ordered it to be sent to my home. Like my plant, if we remain in environments where we are not thriving, we will stagnate.

2) Know when you are not being fed properly and when you are spending enough time in the light. Joe’s leaves were wilting and turning brown for a while and I was not sure why. I tried to water him at least once a week and I tried to make sure he wasn’t getting too much sun. Unfortunately, I had to tweak where I had him on the counter because of too much sunlight and the amount of water (largely due to the pot). In repotting him, I also added additional food that is supposed to last him for two months. We have to make sure we are feeding our souls by reading the Word, spending time with God, and allowing God and His Word to transform us. We also we allow His light to cast out the darkness within, at His time and pace. We should not try to fast forward God’s process.

3) Allow yourself to grow and mature in your environment. As I transferred Joe out of the pot, I discovered the roots had not spread out from the original container Joe was in. I tried to break up the roots so they could expand and grow in the new pot. Eventually, I made some progress, and I finished transferring Joe to his new pot. Too often, we refuse to bloom where we are planted. We refuse to grow deeper and wider and miss out on allowing the reality of the current season to change and mature us. We miss out on allowing the soils of our surroundings to nourish us and we do not capitalize on where we are.

4) Cut and prune the dead things. Joe has had a lot of dead leaves. I try to trim and remove those leaves once they get to the base of the plant so that they are easy to remove. But today, I removed as many as I could, even those that were not ready to be removed, so that Joe can thrive in his new pot. We have to cut off and prune everything that God reveals needs to go. We must cut off every single thing that would hinder God’s work in us. When we remove the dead, we make room for the new.

Hopefully, my learnings today bless you!


21 Days of Release Day 8

Happy Monday! We are in Week 2!

First off, I apologize for my email not going out last night. I hit send and I guess I closed my computer too soon. I also apologize for not updating the tagline since I focused more on releasing grudges and my side of the story than on saying no.

I thought about what to release today and in connection with yesterday and the day before, saying no and not enforcing boundaries has been on my mind. I have had challenges for years saying no and enforcing boundaries. Fortunately, after I had my son, I decided enough was enough and I began to limit my time engaging in unhealthy conversations and limiting things I did not want to do to a minimum or zero. I still struggle in relationships closest to me at times, engaging in toxic conversations and spending the days after praying the angst away.

But I’m tired y’all. Seriously. I am tired of being angry with myself for agreeing to do something I didn’t want to do in the first place. I am tired of sitting on the phone hearing other people’s drama from third parties. I am tired of overextending myself and then being mad afterward.

I honestly cannot be mad at anyone at this point. God revealed to me in the midst of my sin, almost five years ago, that I had no power in my no. Since then, I have worked on saying no and I have greatly scaled down on being available to be people. No is no longer an impossible word for me.

So today it’s time to let it go once and for all so that I can diligently work towards enforcing healthy boundaries.

Day 3: I release not being able to say no. I release the fear of not enforcing boundaries. I release the lie that says my comfort and peace are not important. I release the power of people pleasing. I release the bridle on my tongue that kept me from saying no when I needed to. I release the mindset that says saying no is not being a good Christian. I release the lie that says you must love yourself less to love others.

Affirmation: I proudly say no. NO NO NO NO. LOL. I have healthy boundaries. I carry my own load. I share in the burdens of others. I allow others to help me carry my burdens. I do not take on the cross and daily load of others. I protect my peace. I recognize when it is a God moment and an assignment to help someone versus my flesh reverting. I demonstrate healthy Christianity by saying no with boldness and authority while helping my brothers and sisters in Christ when God leads. I always pour out from my overflow and I recognize when I need times of replenishing. I am not God. I acknowledge my limitations as a human being and I only do what God desires me to do as it pertains to others.

Prayer: Lord God, thank You for life today! Thank You for a chance to get it right and live a life submitted to You. Thank You for the numerous life lessons and teachings over the years to get me back in the right order as it concerns executing healthy boundaries. Thank You for tearing down the misinformation and misguided teachings that caused me to think in error about having boundaries. Thank You that it is healthy to recognize my limitations because it clearly shows me my need for You. I pray that today would be a day of permanent change where I would not obligate myself to do anything outside of Your will. I thank You that from this day forward, I do only what Your will and word prescribe in the life of others. I am not a crutch for others. I help others carry their burdens and I provide comfort to others as You lead. I no longer take up other people’s crosses. I only carry my own cross. I know when to reach out and receive help and I know when to turn inward, looking to You as the solution, because Your Spirit resides in me and guides me daily, moment by moment. I thank You today for a new mindset about boundaries and saying no. I execute to be an example to other believers in demonstrating healthy self care. Thank You for new life! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Love ya!!