Back to America

I’m on my plane back to the States but I’m not the same woman that left America almost 2 months ago. I’m in touch with self, reunited to the disconnected parts of my personality and overall happier. Being in Australia reminded me of my humanity. I’m more aware of the world now. I really feel alive.

I can’t explain it but I’m enamored with myself now. Before leaving, I had a lot to let go of. I began that process before I left. It turned out to be the beginning. While I was here, it was so much more I left behind. No longer do I get offended about things right away. I recognize opportunities to educate others and to be enlightened. I’m more observant.

I can’t say I’m totally happy to be returning though. I’m happy that I’ll see my family and friends but the freedom, the safety and security I felt in Australia as a Black woman was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

I heard God clearer. I came up with a game plan for my career. I received a strategy that I can apply to any type of situation or goal. And I left behind limiting behaviors and beliefs. My capacity and understanding increased. I spoke up and regained my voice. I treated my body better — walking everywhere and eating more plant-based and raw foods. I also experienced the culture of the vastly diverse population. Seeing people from all over really blew my mind. It was beautiful.

God really showed out with this opportunity. In short it was amazing. I learned to never limit God again and to really declare His word, stand on His promises to me, speak what I seek in faith and thank Him for it. This was the divine recharge I needed. My faith is revitalized and I’m ready to take hold of everything with my name on it.

There is more to life than the day to day. Life is bigger than your immediate community. It’s bigger than your current trials. Keep looking beyond. Be aware of the lessons God seeks to teach you and receive. God is the giver of great gifts. Open your heart to receive them.


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