Prepare. Position. Press. Day 6 – Set Your Focus!

So I did not realize what God was doing until I wrote the last entry. God has given us a warfare strategy through this challenge. To win battles, you must prepare. To win battles, you must be in the right position. To win battles, you must press. To take hold of what is yours, you must prepare. To take hold of what God has promised you, you must be in position to receive. To take hold of the things God has for you, you must press into His presence and press through the opposition. So while I initially thought of this as a preparation period for the breakthroughs awaiting us in 2019, I also remember and acknowledge that the enemy will try to do whatever to discourage us to let go of what God has for us. Therefore, we must be prepared to be on the offense.

But think of this: God is SO faithful, SO good, that He would prepare us ahead of time!!! How wonderful a Father is He!!!

So I’m really excited about today’s topic because it is a practice that God has used to deepen my relationship with Him and to focus me on what He is doing and how He seeks to move in my life.

It’s my belief that God would love to move in our lives in the miraculous, but often we are so distracted and all over the place that we do not fully accomplish everything God desires for us to do. I’ll be the first to admit, I have asked God to do so much in my life at times that my lack of focus delayed and even forfeited what I was asking Him for. God led me to the book My One Word about 4-5 years ago now and I have intentionally set a word every year since. I firmly believe adding this practice motivated me to seek God more.

So now, I challenge you to do it. Go to God in prayer about one word, a single word or phrase on which He would have you to focus your entire year on. Ask God to open your heart and mind to receive the word and to prepare your heart and mind to be open to all the ways He would use that word to teach you more of His character, His grace, His ways, and His love.

Father God! I thank You that there is no single way to draw deeper into Your will, purpose, and plans for my life. I thank You that You are so great, that You would expand my understanding of You through a single word to show the multitude of Your greatness. I thank You, Father, that You give me the word You’d have me to focus on. I thank You that through it, You will grow me and stretch me and refine my sight so that I can truly see You. I thank You for the transformation You shall bring to pass in my life. I thank You for the preparation, the positioning, and the pressing and that You love me so much to give me this strategy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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