Prepare. Position. Press. Day 5 – Being Organized Really Does Help!

When I sit down to write, usually I will organize my thoughts. I’ll jot down the ideas that come to mind and group them together. Even when I’m preparing to cook and also whenever I pack, I gather everything I need and group them together. When I looked back at the list God gave me for this challenge and specifically this entry, I did not realize how important being organized was. In writing this now, I see it is critical. In the old testament, we see organization referenced many times pertaining to troops and military success. I take this to mean that part of success in warfare is due to the use of organization as a part of the strategy (2 Sam 10, Judges 20).

I do not think we can adequately prepare for things without some level of organization. Sadly, the truth is that some of us are so used to living in disorganization that we have accepted disarray as the norm. Because you chose to embark on this journey, I believe (and agree with you in faith) that you are seeking to do things differently. I believe that you are seeking to walk into your blessed place and your destiny prepared to properly steward what God has for you.

Let’s pray!

Father God, thank You for teaching me the importance of organization. Thank You for wanting me to be prepared and ready to receive everything You have for me. Thank You for using the process of organization to discipline me to instill the habit of understanding and assessing situations. By getting organized, Lord, You prepare me to go on the offensive for what You have for me. I thank You and I proceed forward with the strategy You are laying ahead for me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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