21 Days of Release Day 2

Happy Tuesday!!

So the irony of today (rather yesterday) is that it came to me to use this quote from Elsa as the header of these posts. Last night while watching TV with my baby, I saw that Frozen is coming on this Friday. And of course, they were playing Elsa singing Let It Go, haha. I took that as a sign from God that 1) this time of releasing was part of His divine plan, and 2) that I heard and hear His voice clearly.

Today I had another item on my list for the second day, but as I prayed, I felt led to focus on fear. Many times in the Bible, God tells the person of focus (and us) to "be courageous" and to "fear not." I would be crazy if I did not admit this was difficult. I have felt ashamed at times for allowing fear to torment me, especially for a "Believer."

The truth is, I have many fears that I gave the right of influencing my day to day choices. In some cases, I think I let fear keep me from making the necessary choices. But there are others where I recognized my weakness and looked to God’s power (2 Corinthians 12:7-10) and relied on Him to follow the path before me.

I release it today because it is hindering me from being a whole, complete person. It is keeping me from taking necessary risks in many areas of my life. I have even been beyond the point of tears — in full ugly cry, lol — because I didn’t want to make a decision that was potentially life-changing without an insight into the outcome. But I remind myself of the instances where I took the risk and didn’t stay in fear. Those times produced some of the greatest opportunities and blessings in my life.

Last night as I was reading, I came across this quote – "Worry is the price you pay for a debt you may never owe." It made me think about all the reasons I talked myself out of things, from fear, worrying about things that have never happened, and being anxious about the things I worried about. I am fed up and I want to live completely on the other side of fear. So today, I choose to release fear.

Day 2: I release fear. I release doubt. I release anxiety. I release worry. I release the roots of fear in my life: broken promises and trust, unmet expectations, trauma, disappointments, and generational patterns. I cancel the hold fear and its partners have had over me. I decree and declare my freedom today.

Affirmation: God reigns and He is in control. In 2 Timothy 1:7, God reminds me that He has not given me a spirit of fear but instead has given me power, love, and discipline. Today I take up power and walk in boldness and authority. I take up love and remember that perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18). Because I allow God to renew my mind daily (Romans 12:2) and the Lord is my shepherd (Ps 23), I follow the plan and path God sets before me. I submit to God and resist the enemy (James 4:7). Because God promises to never leave me nor forsake me, I know I can go forward on the path He created for me without fear.

Prayer: Lord God, forgive me for allowing fear to cripple me. Forgive me for allowing the lies in my mind to keep me from Your promises for me. Forgive me for believing the lies all these years. Today, I choose to believe You and remember that Your love is the greatest force, having the power to cast out fear. I thank You for setting me free, by Your son and by Your Spirit. Your word says that whom the Son has set free is truly free indeed (John 8:36)! Your word also says that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (2 Cor 3:17). So today, and every day forward, I choose to live free in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Love Ya!


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