You Don’t Want to Glorify God

I realized this morning that the truth is that we don’t really want to glorify God because we misunderstand the implications of doing just that. God will lead you places and into situations sometimes that make no sense to you. God will allow the consequences of your choices to manifest in ways that cause you to question your purpose and life. And like me you may ask, ‘why God?’ I love the fact that I can ask God why when I don’t understand. So this morning when I realized that I really didn’t want to live the part for a lot of the things I say, confess and pray for, I understood why things have gone the way they have in my life.

Ultimately, each day, God will transform us more as we submit to Him and the process. Good and bad rain on us all, but the peace I have is that if God chooses to feed me daily by birds or from the hand of another, it is because that is how He chooses to provide for me. And in that, and in all of this, God will be glorified. This was a challenging lesson to learn, but I hope to pass the test. I hope the video shifts your perspective. Have a beautiful day!


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