When God Gives You A Kinda Gentle Reminder to Mind Your Business

But God had mercy on me so that Christ Jesus could use me as a prime example of his great patience with even the worst sinners. Then others will realize that they, too, can believe in him and receive eternal life. 1 Tim 1:16
Soooo…can we stop using the Holy Spirit as the cover up for our:
– jealousy
– judgmentalism
– critical spirits
– religious spirits
– competition
– comparison
and the list goes on…sadly. A lot of things you say to other people with the words "God told me to tell you…" are lies. They are your way to manipulate and convince a person who isn’t ready to change into what you think they need to be. Ouch. I did this before and I’m praying I don’t still do this. I apologize if I did this to you recently or in the past because it isn’t fair.

Could it be that someone had the same idea as you and beat you to it? Or could it be that God anointed people with the same gift as you? The Bible says the body has many members — we have two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet, billions of cells, etc, so someone is bound to share a similarity or two with you. Or, personally for me, could it be that people aren’t where you are despite their age? Or could it be that it may take that person longer to kick that habit/hurt/pain/etc. than you? This is to hard to accept. It’s hard to accept you cannot control someone else and their development. My excitement for God (a good thing) combined with my control issues (bad! lol) caused me to end in up in offense many times when I genuinely told others what I heard for them in prayer or a lot of times my opinion lol and it went ignored, to the point that I got the message and now only share when told to. Could it be that God is speaking to you on the behalf of another person so that you would pray? Oh what changes we would see if we prayed!!! If God shows you something about a person, pray that they would come into alignment with God’s will for their lives, not what or who you think they should be!

I have to tell myself that God loves us all the same and will give people the same grace and mercy He gives me for spiritual growth. Even now, I have to ask God to help me extend grace and patience to people when I catch myself judging them. It really is beautiful that God meets us where we are and grows us in the ways we need to grow in His timing. Now for those people that aren’t allowing God to grow them, it’s not your concern, at least in the sense that you must force your opinions and views on them, no matter how biblically based they may be. That’s hard to accept right? Especially when it’s a family member, friend, child, or significant other that you love. Imagine how God feels about them, and you.


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