A Much Needed Reminder

I turned into my building’s driveway and pulled up to the gate with no luck. I tried calling myself through the box and it didn’t ring. So I pulled around and thought to turn around. Then I saw it as my eyes focused. Directly in front of me was a beautiful, bright rainbow. In fact, it was a double rainbow with the second one more faint. Then I laughed because I knew it was God speaking to me and reaffirming His promises. I tried in the first picture to get the whole thing. Then I pulled across the street and got the second picture.

The song that played right before I unplugged my phone was Grace to Overcome by Bishop William Murphy. The part that played was this: "I didn’t just survive, but I’m better." I had just finished praying that God would help me have the right responses and attitudes in a specific situation before I turned into the driveway. I was praying about something extremely close to my heart… And just like that, despite the gate acting crazy, God reminded me of His promises and that I can trust Him. Despite life not being exactly how I want it, I more than survived the difficulties I’ve experienced. I am better because of it. Each day I’m better and stronger and wiser. Each day I know I can trust God to help me. God used a nuisance to redirect me and remind me of my truth.

I love rainbows because they remind me of Noah and God’s promises — the covenant — and likewise I am reminded of His promises to me. I’m reminded of everything He got me through and that He can do it again.

So to finish this off, I circled the block after taking the pictures and pulled back to the gate which didn’t work again on the first try. I prayed and then it opened. Today I’m reminded to not worry and to look back on the triumphs of yesterday that made me better today, despite the things that seek to get me to overlook that.


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