I Have All That I Need: Shift Your Thinking

One translation of Psalm 23 uses the words above as it’s interpretation of Psalm 23 verse 1. I have all that I need.

I’ve been having many epiphanies this week and I guess it is because my distractions have been minimized by fasting from social media. I realized that nowadays we Christians are more conscious of lack than we are of God’s abundance. If we simply focused on the blessing that we have in God despite our immediate circumstances, it is enough to shift your mindset.

I know, I know, this is hard to do and believe me, I’m not trying to trivialize your situation. Take it from someone who went through last year. I was so focused on the people who were not there, on the ways that I had been hurt and the things I felt I lacked. Even up until this year, I would think of the things I perceived to be missing from my life. Then this week after listening to some books, I realized I was letting the devil win by choosing to focus on those things I thought did not have. I went back and thought about the ways God thought of me, like the fact that God knew I would be a single mother, so allowed me to major in a field that would ensure I could provide for both myself (I had a transplant in 2009 that I have no debt from) and my son now. I started to think about things like that — the fact I have more than enough money and resources to take care of things to the fact that God kept my kidneys working until I had a job that would cover everything I needed.

So the challenge here is to trust God to shift your mind and how you see your situation. It is not easy to do, but with God nothing is impossible. How do you do this? Really believe the words you read from the Bible. They aren’t just a story to be told, but the truth. Internalize them. Keep God’s word in your ears daily. Ask God for a fresh word and a fresh dose of His anointing. Hold fast to God’s word and promises to you.


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