Sometimes You Need To Take A Breath and Start Over

Today was not a Tuesday but a Monday. So okay, of course today is actually Tuesday but the way my day began and proceeded was like a Monday. It reminds me of the babies at my little love’s daycare — they had a case of the Mondays yesterday…All of them were crying. And that’s exactly what I felt like doing today. Actually I screamed in the car while my baby was sleeping. 😐😅

Why you say? Well… My baby was fussy this am and I was running behind, late for my morning conference call so I rushed downstairs. Getting to the car and almost out of the garage, I realized I forgot my wallet, or so I thought. I uttered a prayer to God saying I’m at my end and I desperately need Him. I ran back upstairs and could not find my wallet. I got back to my truck and it’s sitting in my baby’s stroller. 😩 And yes I missed the conference call. 😣

I got my baby to daycare safely after praying to make it to the nearby gas station after dropping him off since I was too tired to get gas the night before. Besides, I didn’t want to pay at the pump and it’s easier to go inside without my son. So I tried to get gas… Aggravated, I accepted the pumps weren’t working after trying to pay at the pump once and inside twice. 😭😭😡. I called my manager to let him know what’s going on and where I was and he just laughed and said it’s okay… It’s only my 3rd week back at work and I’m on a new team so I just didn’t want to be late let alone falling short (thank God for favor!!) So I prayed and asked God to let me make it safely to the gas station near my office/home and praise God!! The gas was like 50 cents cheaper a gallon (maybe error or since it just reopened they had a special 🙂) so I saved like almost $7-8.

The rest of the day wasn’t too bad…Well I almost fell because I misstepped on the end of the chair (just when I thought clumsy Quita was gone 🤣)…Someone almost walked in on me while I was pumping because I missed my scheduled time in the wellness room. After almost falling I made sure to take a mental health moment and thank God for my Apple Watch! They have an app called Breathe which helps you to practice mindfulness, one minute at a time. I took a minute where I focused on inhaling peace and exhaling stress and it helped me shift back into the right space. In that moment I truly thanked God that all that could go wrong didn’t and for keeping me in spite of what did.

Sometimes we get so stressed out by focusing on what is going wrong (myself included) that we forget to thank God for what is going right. Were it not for my practice of gratefulness and my watch today, I would have been cussing!! I had to keep going back to God in prayer because I know my human nature is prone to losing sight of everything in moments like these. God has reminded me countlessly that He has my back and is looking out for me and my little love, especially in the last few days. Today, or any day that your day goes like mine, take a minute to count your blessings and thank God for the peace He gave us through Jesus. Take your peace back!

Prayer works I tell you!!

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭26:3‬ ‭ESV‬‬


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