The Wisdom Gained Through Difficulty

A couple of days ago I asked God why does my life have to be so hard. Not too long after that I heard back "wisdom is often gained through difficulty." My mind immediately went to my prayer as a 6, 7 or 8 year old that God would make me wise like Solomon. I remember during a family bible study saying that I wanted to be like Solomon after we read about him in the bible. If you’re familiar with the story of Solomon, God asked Solomon in a dream what did he want. Rather than riches and fame, Solomon asked for the soundness of mind to rule over the children of Israel, or as we have commonly been told, wisdom and knowledge. (See 1 Kings 3, 2 Chronicles 1)

With great gifts come much responsibility. Because of his exceptional wisdom, Solomon was the most sought after man in all the world. But as I pondered the words God gave me, I was reminded of the story of the two mothers. In reading the story we think coming to a conclusion like "cut the baby in half" was an easy conclusion. Let’s be real here, I’m sure Solomon had to think this was a hard thing to say to these women who had been fighting over the remaining living child. How do you say cut a living baby in half to two mothers? But it was the gift of wisdom that God gave him, nurtured over the years of yielding to the spirit’s leading within him, that empowered him to say those words knowing that the true mother would be willing to live life without him versus his death. Now as I type, I also think of having to make the difficult decision to kill his brother to protect the promise of the kingdom. When Solomon’s brother Adonijah took the kingdom secretly from David and Solomon was subsequently named king, Adonijah asked Bathsheba to request Abishag for Adonijah as a wife. Solomon wisely enough saw through the ploy and made the call for his brother’s death.

I haven’t had any situations requiring me to "cut a baby in half" or put my brother to death, but I understand that lessons learned through enduring faith and patience qualify me for the wisdom I’ve sought. I have learned a great deal about people through my varied experiences and as a result, I have been able to see beyond the surface and tap into God’s voice for a specific situation. I definitely have moments when I regret that prayer that prayer, well both for wisdom and patience. I have heard "be careful what you pray for" ring loud and clear in my ears many times. What keeps me going now is the promised peace Jesus left us and remembering that Solomon lived in peace while he ruled. As wisdom would have it, the lesson is in knowing that the peace I have is in resting in God to see these situations through as they come to their appointed end. Another thing you and I can hold fast to is that trouble doesn’t last always! So this too shall pass.


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