Masterpiece: Embracing All of Me

Please share with anyone you know who needs to walk in their truth regardless of those around them. Let’s help some folk get free today! Stop apologizing for being you. ❤️ Love you all…Marquita.

Sooo FYI Jazmine Sullivan’s album Reality Show is thee truth. A song I love from it that gives me hope is Let it Burn, about the fire the love I will soon have with my future husband (whoever he is) will give me! But alas, my anthems from this album are Masterpiece and If You Dare. Both of these songs have encouraged me in unforeseen ways to be all of me. And just this past weekend with some of my antics I was all of me. There have been many nights that I’ve listened to Masterpiece on repeat and woke up beaming with joy. And this is my truth, my new reality.

I had an amazing time at my linesister’s wedding this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed my time with friends who happen to be linesisters. And I walked in my truth. My tipsy, dancing truth.

This weekend I was met with a Marquita I haven’t seen in a while, the confident, social drinking Marquita that doesn’t care what others think…my current version of myself doesn’t care what others think anymore and I’m still very confident, but social drinking Marquita is sometimes very excited like a kid can be when all of her friends are together…and talkative😅. In the past this Marquita caused me a great deal of frustration because I often spent the days after those nights 😫 piecing together my memory of what I did and said the night before. This time I remembered everything I did. I had a great time, partying with people I loved. And I felt no shame or remorse. Thank God for freedom.🙌🏾

In the years prior to this one, I felt such condemnation and guilt for so many of my choices. For partying, drinking on occasion and not looking like what everyone felt I should look like. Growing up Baptist and even in my household, I felt there were things I was just destined to go to hell for and if I did those things the guilt and shame I felt would have me in my feelings for days and weeks on end…it was only until recently I was finally able to break the hold of it over my life.

As I was heading home yesterday I had an epiphany about meeting my old self this weekend and loving her as the foundation of my new self. There are things about old Marquita that definitely came forward, but I am so very grateful for all I left behind. It’s a beautiful place to see your own self as a masterpiece. To see yourself as a unique, original creation of God in all His glory IS what He wants for you. He wants you to acknowledge the greatness inside, the purpose, the passion, and the calling. He wants you to live an abundant life – as my focus scripture for this year reiterates (John 10:10). He knew all you would ever do and all you were destined to become. But He wanted you to allow Him to elevate you and your mind above it to become the you He molded and knit in your mother’s womb. He knew the trials and tribulations you would face and the situations you encounter. Yet as Psalm 139:13-14 says, you are wonderful and marvelous…so why not live that way?

Sadly it took me 30 years to get here. Even sadder is the fact that many men and women never get here. They spend all of their lives in the dark, in the shame, in the condemnation and never get free. It’s like I could walk naked (well I wouldn’t do that but hey I could now lol). Now I’m not advocating drunken debauchery or ratchetry, but I am saying be you…who God created you to be without shame. Remember before the serpent convinced Eve she was less without eating the forbidden fruit, she and Adam knew NO SHAME. Let’s get back to that life, one off constant communion with God without pretenses and manmade fabrications of who He is, one of truth and peace and a continual flow of love in all directions.

The bible tells us to constantly renew our minds. Truthfully, I’ve realized that this is a constant fight, a battle to the end lest social media, society, the news and junk TV brainwash you into thinking you are not worthy or are less than deserving. But the truth is, you are a King or a Queen. You are who God created you to be…it is up to you to take the challenge to break through the lies and dispel the myths created to keep you from being your greatest self. So today, on November 23, as I near the end of this year focused on living, I am so happy to be me. I hope you find the courage to be happy to be you, too.


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