21 Days To Freedom: Overcoming Fear of Having Children

I don’t know how many people will honestly admit that they feared having children as a result of being molested, but I did. I was haunted by thoughts that I would hurt my children or they would be hurt and I could not protect them. But I prayed and asked God if it was His will and He showed me that I would not hurt my children. He showed me that by seeking Him for healing, I could be a blessing to others like me. So if you have been molested or sexually abused, you too can gain freedom if you desire to be a parent. You can educate your children so that they are aware and know how to come and talk to you about things. You don’t have to hide in fear of what happened to you, happening to your children. You can break the cycle. You can tell them that its okay to not want to be hugged or to be touched. You can empower your children just like you can empower yourself! There is healing awaiting you, and you can break the cycle.



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