21 Days To Freedom – Day 4 There’s Freedom in That No

No is only two letters long but it is definitely one of the most power-filled words in the English vocabulary. Often survivors of sexual abuse omit this word from their day to day language. Sadly the reason for the lack of use of this word is deeply tied to their abuse, when their power was stolen. I was one of these people, making this same omission and when I had to use it, it hurt like someone was cutting me. It took me years to understand the connection until God showed me this issue in a very intimate way. My eyes were opened and I could no longer blame my poor choices on a lack of awareness. It had a face and I had a choice of whether I would continue down the same path or if I would choose a new path. Were it not for God, I would still be telling everyone yes. Now those no’s are critical part of my freedom. And they can be a part of your freedom too, if you will pay attention to the patterns.



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