A Reason to Say Thank You

**I wrote this last week and it’s still relevant to share. Hope it blesses you!**

I prayed to the LORD, and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4

God felt it necessary to show me just how blessed I am these last few weeks of this year. It served many purposes, but most importantly it restored and renewed my faith. But last night was the greatest of those experiences.

A week from today, it will be 6 years to the day that God gave me a second chance at life. Everything about my kidney transplant was miraculous. My surgery went fairly quick with no complications — miracle #1, within 30 minutes of their removing my brother’s kidney and putting it in my body, it was already making urine, and a whole lot of it — miracle #2, I was up and moving around on schedule — miracle #3. There were a host of other miracles, namely how I didn’t have to go on dialysis, how every diagnosis that came thereafter was reversed. I didn’t find out the biggest of those miracles until about a year or two later. I found out from the doctors during my annual checkup in 2011 or 2012 that my brother’s kidney, outside of us being blood related, was not a perfect match for me. And here I am, 6 years later, better than I have ever been.

But today God dropped it into my spirit all the things He kept me from despite what I have endured. And I am truly grateful to God for loving me so much and knowing what I could handle and bear. Sometimes we get caught in the storm and stay there complaining. I admit, I have definitely complained and asked God why me. I’m grateful to say though, that for many things that I have encountered and gone through, I know God is faithful and that He loves me. I am stronger, better and wiser because of it. So today, as we close out 2014, find a reason to thank God. You are alive aren’t you?


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