Prepare. Position. Press. Day 13 – Accountability Check!

Last week we spent time identifying "our team." This week and from here on out, let’s check in with our team. Whether through an email, phone call, or even a quick text, be intentional about being accountable to those we selected. If you have any questions or prayer requests, go to your team and ask them to pray for you. (Also, feel free to email me Your prayer requests as well.) Ask God to confirm the things He revealed to you. Revisit the scriptures and use them to pray for those on your team or to pray to find a team if you haven’t identified them.

Lord God, thank You for the wisdom and revelation You are giving us through this time of preparation, positioning, and pressing. I repent for all the times I have tried to go about life alone. I pray that You would renew my mind in this area, especially as it concerns accountability. I pray that as I connect with and receive from the people You have positioned in my life to sow into me and vice versa, that I will grow exponentially and in leaps and bounds. I declare that there will be no more setbacks because I refused to receive advice, counsel, constructive instruction or direction from someone You placed in my life to sow into me. I receive Your word and leading for me however You choose to send it and I thank You that my heart and mind are ready to receive it. I pray and lift up every person You sent to me. I pray that they are surrendered and submitted to You and that they immediately obey. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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