Prepare. Position. Press. Day 10 – What’s Distracting You?

Yesterday I kept hearing "Don’t Get Distracted," to the point that I re-evaluated the list to make sure I was covering this topic.

Distractions don’t necessarily always have to be something big. It can be as small as your son wanting to be held or the apps on your phone, or sometimes, not turning people and situations over to God. How do I know, well I have let all three of these things and more distract me.

You have done the work of preparation these past 10 days. You have gathered up the things that are currently on your plate. You have gone to God in prayer on what stays and what goes. You went ahead and purged those things. You have forgiven and you have released. Then you got organized. You have set a focus for the year. You have chosen scriptures to stand on and you have identified your accountability team. The only hindrance to your success (aside from God’s will of course) is the surfacing of distractions. I encourage you to do something you may have never done. Anticipate the enemy’s retaliation — determine potential blockages and distractions.

Then what? You guessed it, stand on the word of God. Also, ask yourself why is that particular distraction has surfaced. You never know, there may be a reason you overlooked.

Father God, thank You for the warning to not get distracted. Thank You for the readjustment mentally and for the renewal of my mind through this process. Thank You for Your word to stand on in faith. I thank You that by the blood of Jesus, I overcome. I thank You that I am prepared and ready for you to position me where You would have me to be. In Jesus name, Amen.


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