Prepare. Position. Press. Day 3 — Time for Spring Cleaning

If I am completely honest, one of the most difficult things to do is get rid of things. I begrudgingly do it because I know that I could very easily be a hoarder, hoarding everything from clothes, shoes, old CDs and DVDs to relationships past their expiration and toxic memories.

It is essential to leave dead things behind and prune off dead branches so that we can continue to produce fruit. (John 15:2) Even if it is as simple as getting rid of clothing you no longer wear and things you no longer use, letting go of those things creates room for whatever God wants you to have.

Digging a little deeper, holding on to things, attitudes, behaviors, and people beyond their expiration signifies a possible unhealthy attachment. It also points to control and fear — not wanting to let go of something may point to an underlying control issue and your fear of not being in control.

Let’s go to God in prayer for strength, wisdom, peace, and faith to move forward and get rid of everything His Spirit has revealed.

Father, I ask for forgiveness right now knowing I do not always obey You. Today I ask You to empower and strengthen me to move forward in radical obedience. I ask You to show me clearly what and who I need to get rid of. I ask that You give me the strategy and approach in this time of spring cleaning. I thank You for seeking to free me of those things that are preventing You from fully moving in my life. I thank You that as I continue in this season of preparation, that whatever You reveal to me, I get rid of it immediately. I thank You for wisdom and peace in this season. I thank You for this being a season of mind renewal. I thank You for this being a time of refreshing and resetting and that I am open and fully prepared for You and everything You seek to birth through me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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