Prepare, Position, Press Day 1

Hi there!!

I wasn’t going to share these but God led me to share these. We all need to get in position and be prepared for God’s plans for us in the upcoming months. I hope this series of emails blesses you.



Today we gather. Gather up everything and everyone that need to be brought before the Lord in prayer. Gather the old dreams you released, gather the promises you have been holding on to for years. Bring all your relationships and bring all your plans. It’s time to let God cherry pick the things that you need to focus on in the coming year and the things that need to be shelved.

Are you okay with letting go of things that God says no to? Can you trust God wholeheartedly when He reveals what needs to stay and what needs to go? If not, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you why and to prepare You for what is necessary for your growth.

Heavenly Father,
Thank You for today and thank You for this journey. Thank You for what it will produce in me. I thank You that it will get me ready to carry everything that I’m called to carry into the new year. I thank You that You are tying up all loose ends and closing all doors that would take me away from the plan and purposes You have for me. I thank You that with each coming day, Your plan gets clearer and clearer. I thank You for the coming days of preparation, positioning, and pressing. I cannot wait to see Your glory revealed in my life. Forgive me Father for doubt, fear, and unbelief and allowing it to cripple my faith. I choose to trust You and You alone with confirming the plans and purposes for my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


2 Replies to “Prepare, Position, Press Day 1”

  1. This was confirmation for things I had already begun to pray and seek direction for. God has told me before the end of the year I will receive extreme favor and blessing. In Jesus name I call it so.

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