A Story on Praying Specific Prayers and Why You Should Do It

So I’ll share a story on how I prayed a very specific prayer and God came through with a mindblowing answer to that prayer.

So from May 2017 to May 2018, I was intentionally not dating. I took time to focus on getting myself together as well as being a new mom. I was not dating before I had my son, but I was also resistant to the idea of dating. So I began reading a book at the suggestion of a coworker and halfway through I committed to giving God that year to work in me. So here comes May… still really not with it. But I obey God anyway. So I think I got to June and I prayed something along these lines: "God, if this is your will, I pray that you would guide me with relationships, both platonic and romantic. Show me who should not be in my life, and even give me a physical reaction in my body so I would know."

Here is July. I find out I have to come to Charleston for work and I reach out to some of my friends that I will be in town. Fast forward two weeks and I’m here. That Tuesday I thought to reach out to someone and I felt a sharp pain in my chest as I started the text. Something in me felt I should not reach out to that person and so I deleted the text. Away went the pain. Also, I think it’s important that I tell you my ears were burning off and on over the course of the last month. Fast forward two days. One friend told me some information that confirmed my not reaching out to that person and another friend confirmed I shouldn’t reach out. My ears burned that day. Fast forward to the following Thursday, I visit another person and found out more than I bargained for. On the way to that person’s home, God told me to mind my words and that I would hear something there. My ears burned on the way. Sure enough, I was in shock to find out what I did but utterly grateful to God for protecting me.

But God being God, He one-upped it by having me see the person the next day and I didn’t bother to speak. I know the person saw me. What makes it crazy is that I knew it was God. How, well first off, I wouldn’t have been at that place had my son been quiet in the movies. He would not stop baby-talking so I left 5 minutes after using one of my movie tickets. My ears began to burn again as I left the movie and burned the entire time. I decided to get us some food and ended up at the same place this person was eating. I was hoping the restaurant would hurry with my food so I could leave. Fortunately, I never had to say anything to the person.

It was not until yesterday or Sunday that I remembered my prayer from June. I realized that God was protecting me as always and had genuinely answered my prayer. Who gets sharp pains when they are not supposed to contact someone!!! I realized God answered my prayer in two ways, by protecting me from falling into something that wasn’t what I wanted and reconnecting with the wrong people and also by showing me that another prayer I prayed — to know I was not judging and was instead truly discerning — was being answered in this situation.

I have long been convinced of specific prayers. From my job, to my son, to removing relationships and friendships (prayed circa 2009 up to now), to my being able to receive the right relationships, God has always answered. I prayed this way in this case because I have made so many mistakes in the past, trusting the wrong people. I have my son now and I don’t want him to go through the turmoil I unnecessarily put myself through. God has had me do things that are drastic as a result of prayer and pursuing Him for the life He has for me — from stopping sharing my personal life with people I thought were my friends cold turkey to moving back to Atlanta without sharing until after I moved. To be honest, I am grateful for how He operates in my life. If God had not answered my prayer with the sharp pains and everything I learned and saw since, I probably would have shared that I was back with that person and probably would have made it a point to connect which obviously was not healthy. Praying specific prayers works. I learned this back in 2007 and it has been affirmed time and time again.

Maybe I need to refine my prayer for a less painful way of being notified lol.

Hopefully this helps you.


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