Cracking Under the Pressure

One of these days I’m gonna do a video. But until then, and when I can find the time, I’ll write.

Today was one of those days when I wanted to get back in my bed and start over. I woke up later than I needed to, got on my morning conference call later than I was supposed to, got my kid to day care later than I needed to…and it was just all wrong. I forgot my flanges so I had to go home during my first pumping session (I only live 4 minutes away driving thank God) but you get the point. My micromanaging coworker also said something to me about the call. Then he came to my desk and asked me a question about something from the week before that he didn’t read the email that he requested…so yeah I was already through the roof by that point. Forgetting my flanges was my saving grace to go back home and pray and start over.

So I’m in a study group for the book Fervent and I thought it was our week to cover the enemy’s attack on us through our pressures because BABY I was feeling it and have been. I’ve been feeling the pressure to be the perfect mom, the willing and able employee, the friend holding it all together, and the ever available fill in the blank (sister, daughter, human, mentor, shoulder to cry on, etc.)

Well, as I listened to this chapter on Audible I groaned in agreement with her as she called out every single area I’ve been feeling pressure in lately. So I repented as I’ve been led to do often lately. I repented for trying to be perfect, for not using my tool (the word ‘no’), for not turning off the phone sometimes, for not sleeping in sometimes, for not sticking to keeping the Sabbath, for trying to please everybody even when it was not pleasing me, (or rather annoying and aggravating me), for not being me and being happy in it.

If we aren’t careful, the things we allow to weigh us down can break us if we do not give them to God. This means your job, your tests, your teacher, your school/education, your boss, your coworkers, your kids, your mom, your dad, your siblings, deadlines, what you eat…everything and anything can break you.

In case you don’t know, it’s at your breaking point, when you’re tired and weak that the enemy seeks to devour you. So today if you’re there, at your breaking point, that is, take it from me and go to the only place where you can get free. God. And with that, I’m going to bed! GN!


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