Check Your Light Source

But while I am here in the world, I am the light of the world. John 9:5

So yesterday after getting much rest (PRAISE THE LORT! LOL) I felt motivated to finally change my light bulbs. My electric company gave me (not sure how much of a gift it was) some new LED bulbs that are supposed to save me some money. I changed the majority of the bulbs back before I had my son, but life has kinda been at a standstill in that regard. The idea came to me to change the bulbs in the kitchen too. I wasn’t sure if I could use them until I got on the chair and looked.

So literally after I changed the bulbs in the bathroom and the kitchen I noticed how bright it was in each room. I saw things on my counter in the kitchen that seemed hidden before. It showed me how much I needed to clean up, and how much I didn’t see before with the old bulbs.

Of course God spoke to me in that. So sometimes we cannot see everything we need to see when we have been looking at things under the same light. Sometimes we need a perspective adjustment. Sometimes we need God to pull back the curtain and shine the light on situations to show us the full picture. Sometimes we literally have to ask Jesus to show us what we aren’t seeing, what is keeping us bound or holding us back that we cannot see. In proper lighting and with proper magnification, we can see even the most minute details. We can see things about ourselves we didn’t see or didn’t want to admit. You can see why that person did XYZ to you. You can see that it was how he/she was raised and what they were exposed to that was the catalyst for their behavior. Or you can see it was your habit of second-guessing yourself that caused you to blame yourself instead of what you actually saw. You can then see it was your not wanting to be honest with yourself about your lack of discipline that led you to your current state. Whatever the case may be, light always exposes things hidden in the shadows. Light eradicates darkness, or things you may have been in the dark about. I had to replace the bulbs to see how much I needed to clean my counters and get rid of some things. I also had to ask God that question to understand why people in my life acted a certain way which enabled me to remember to give them grace. I had to ask God that question to truly see why certain things took place in my life — to really see myself and also to see where I needed to change.

So what do you need the light shined on? In what areas do you need to replace the bulbs?

Then God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. Genesis 1:3


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