Get A Word For You

***I wrote this on Friday!***

Many times I’ve found myself looking for a word for somebody…especially when they are going through or needing encouragement. I’ve even gotten to a place now of accepting that my struggles and battles aren’t my own.

But today, after a great many things have drained me over the course of this week, I listened to God’s words to my heart and got a word for me.

I began reading a devotional – Character of a Leader – and today’s readings spoke of Great Leaders and Authority. Although the reading was excellent, and definitely something I’ll apply at work and in all my endeavors, the word for me was in the highlighted verse. Matthew 8:26.


It reminded me that even in the storms of life, I can have peace. It reminded me that even when I’m serving others and possibly going through, being tormented or tested in my own life, I can have a perfect peaceableness. Because I submit to God and I trust in the authority of Jesus, I can rest and go through the storms of life with confidence. That was the word for me today. That with everything going on, getting pulled in every which way, be still and remember who has the authority. Trust in Him, rest in Him and be assured that God within me will get me through and has empowered me to speak to the storms.

Don’t be so busy that you don’t submit to God for your daily dose. Don’t get so lost that you find yourself drowning. Invite Him in and get your word.


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