Dear Jesus

I’m literally reading about 5 or 6 books at once right now…and the one I’m reading at this present moment brought me to tears.

To make sense of my emotions, I have to somewhat share where I am spiritually. I’m in the middle phases of courting. The getting to know you, the awe is gone…now is the time to be smitten. God has decided to take me on a whirlwind journey of healing and revelation, all wrapped in a pretty package called love. It’s beautiful, how God has chosen to reveal Himself to me in everything. But if you seek Him, you will find him!

So here’s a letter that God told me to share.

Dear Jesus,

Nowadays it is so hard to see you, but I know you’re there. You’ve been sure to remind me of your presence lately through some of the most random of ways. From making sure that my brakes didn’t fail in the rain, to making me take extra prednisone so I wouldn’t be in pain…thank you. To pricking my heart to whisper, "you’re worth more than that to me"…thank you. To having my best friend remind me of her thoughts of me on Father’s Day when she has a family of her own…thank you. To having the little people in my life hug and kiss and dance with me and look at me with loving eyes, thank you. To waking me up after I’ve been up all night praying or sometimes slacking and I felt like I got a complete night’s sleep, thank you. The tender assurances, the constant confirmation everywhere…thank you. Thank you for the constant reminder of your love towards me. Many years I questioned whether you loved me and it turns out I was looking in the wrong places. So today, if I haven’t thanked you enough, I say thank you.



It turns out that if we actually look for God we will see Him, all around us, waiting for us to come in. Steal away so that you can write your own letter to Him.


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