30 Before 30: Watch and Pray – Pay Attention to the Signs

If you got a new car, you would then begin to notice more cars like yours on the road. In my prayer challenge Draw the Circle, one of the devotions elaborates on how this process actually works. For the sake of not butchering it, you can google RAS, reticular activating system.

So once we begin to tap into God and focus on seeking His will, if we are vigilant, we will see things that once seemed like a coincidence happening on a regular basis. I no longer believe in coincidences. There are no coincidences. There are happenings that align with your prayers and if you are paying attention, you will see them. Sometimes, you can’t put them together until after its said and done, but God answers and God sends alerts along the way. That person that randomly mentioned the company you’re considering applying to with no knowledge of your application…a sign. That billboard on the highway that randomly has a picture of what you just prayed for…a sign. All those cars with license plates that refer to a place where you got alone with God…a sign. As you pray and seek God, ask Him to remove the blinders from your eyes so that you can actually see the lights He’s put along your path to guide you. As you pray and believe, He will put them there for you to keep you moving forward.


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