30 Before 30: I Need You and You Need Me, There’s No “I” in We

Thursday 06/04:

I’ve definitely had points of walking alone. But God reminded me last night while I was praying that He hears my prayers and recognizes my need for like-minded people. As I talked to one of the people He has called me to pray for right now, I was reminded of how people can share similar experiences and its in talking about them to that person that you thank God for getting you through and past it. I saw how good God is and how He sends who you need when you need them.

This one will be brief, but I just want you to know you need other people. God created us for relationship and we are all part of the same body. Its a blessing to have relationships with others who have a like mind, who can mutually encourage and uplift you. I’m grateful for that answered prayer — that God would send me spiritual friends with kindred spirits and like minds. Trust God to fulfill all your needs, and when He sends people in your life, recognize that He is meeting a need you may have through that person, whether the relationship is seasonal or for a lifetime. Discern the need and reap the harvest of the blessing God has sent.



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