“Do not worry then, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear for clothing?’ For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things." Matthew 6:31-32

This may not be a big deal to you, but I’m grateful to God for going out of His way to keep me. Almost a month ago, my phone fell into the toilet at a gas station on the way to Jacksonville. I was devastated but all I could do is laugh…truthfully nowadays thats my reaction to most difficult things or any craziness. Why get stressed out and bent out of shape about things you can’t control right? So fortunately, I had money to go buy a prepaid phone and the WalMart was right down the street. But I made sure to pray because it bothered me since I use my phone to do everything: I use it for music, take my notes for bible study and the intercessory prayer call I lead, to make inspirational videos for my YouTube channel and Instagram account, and of course I use it to call people — my family and friends, and for calling people who need prayer, to host bible study and the Friday intercessory prayer call. I prayed and God said clearly that everything would be fine and not to worry. I took Him at His word, I guess somewhat shallowly. I went on to enjoy my weekend and have a great time with my cousin and her best friend. I also got some breakthroughs there with them.

Later that weekend, I called AppleCare to see if my phone could be replaced under my coverage. Apparently in the 6 years of having Apple iPhones, at some point along the way they stopped covering water damage. Later that week, I called and got insurance added to my account after having to speak to 3 representatives and have to fuss pretty badly. So I thought I would be fine and all would work out eventually like God said…but only after my interjecting myself. My phone eventually came back on but was very unreliable. It would give me a blue screen and shut off and then sometimes it would give me a colorful screen (it would change colors). The screen would jump and then eventually it would shut off if I didn’t shut it off myself. I kept the trusty but quirky "trap" phone as my back up and prayed I could make it the 30 days I needed to before I could pay for a replacement through my insurance.

This past weekend was amazing with my family. My granddaddy turned 87 and I was just so happy to be around them. Of course over the course of the last few weeks my phone has been used to take selfies, lol, videos of my nieces, and my normal ministry usage. I was thinking things were smooth sailing until next month, when I would have to see about getting another one. Then Sunday as I drove home, I had a breakthrough, and honestly it has been in the works since Friday as I prayed on the prayer line. I just felt God’s spirit moving in me and giving me peace about the road ahead. But you guessed it, it cut off in the driveway at home. I was so sad because of the videos of my niece I don’t have. So I made an appointment with the Apple Store and was wondering what I would do about getting the stuff off and having to get another phone ahead of schedule. Again, God spoke and said it would be fine. So Tuesday I went to the Apple store with apprehension because I didn’t want to pay for another phone when I haven’t even had this one a year yet. God being the good God that He is, I got another phone for free since the hardware failure is covered under warranty.

Monday, I had already been praising God for just what He had been doing in me and in my heart over the last few days. I had been crying and praying and repenting for all the ways I had fallen short but thanking God for loving me and keeping me through it all. I finished one of the books I was reading before I began my 40 day prayer challenge leading up to my 30th yesterday and I finally understood. This, like everything in life, is merely a vehicle to be used by God to get me somewhere. Had my phone not been off and acting up, I wouldn’t have been so focused the last few weeks. I was focused in my relationship with Him and focused at work. I refused to allow my phone not working to make me miss out on my devotion time; I used my iPad for reading and I was able to keep in touch with who I needed to through it. Even though it was a little more quiet, I eliminated the distraction of social media again and of people and their problems to focus on God’s voice. More importantly, He proved yet again that He is a keeper and that I can hold on to His word. He told me everything would be fine; it worked out better than I imagined.

Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s happening to us that we miss our boat or our ride to the next level. So what happens, we have to wait for the next bus. Don’t miss your ride; God wants to take you to another level in your faith and relationship with Him. God knows what you need better than you do. He knew I needed more of Him and to release some things to free me up for what He has next for me. And if you tap into His presence and seek Him more than anything, the things you worry about will amount to nothing but more importantly, you will get where you’re going right on time.



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