My God Is Real

They conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they did not love their lives in the face of death. Revelation 12:11

I was battling on sharing this, but I’ll rather be obedient any day than resist. So here goes.

I have been doing the 40 day prayer challenge (I began again on November 8) Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. One of my prayers during the prayer challenge is for direction in what to do and how to pray for others. And I never imagined how God would answer this prayer. I assumed it would something like, pull back from this person, pray for her, or him, or whatever. But God being the great God that He is…completely blew my mind yesterday and today.

A person very dear to me was the subject of a dream I had November 15. I wondered what it could mean for a while then I came to understand after praying some parts of the dream. I made up in my mind that I would not hesitate to reach out, so I texted her on Monday of last week and made plans to talk to her the next day. By some weird occurrences, we did not talk on Tuesday, but she texted me on Wednesday. I called her after class at 9:25 or so, and was only going to talk to her during my commute to work, but ended up being on the phone for nearly an hour.

From that conversation, I came to understand that I went through what I had gone through going up and the subsequent healing process God has lead me through afterwards for a reason. I was grateful I could share what God did for me with her and was grateful for the great things that await her now–comfort others the way you yourself have been comforted (2 Cor 1:4). She had literally experienced some of the same things I went through: she had been molested, like I was, and she had also been raped and sexually assaulted, and she had her suffering overlooked, like mine had been, by some of the same people who overlooked mine and it had dictated her life choices like it had for me for a long time. I was able to share how great God is and how much He loves us, how He sees us through the blood of Jesus. I also explained to her how those things had controlled me, but how God delivered me and would do the same for her. I vowed that I would check on her regularly and that she could reach out to me whenever and we would go through it together.

I went out of town this weekend, and even while out of town I checked on her…which I normally would not. If you call into the prayer line, I normally do not make myself available when I have things going on because I have learned the importance of balance. But for whatever reason, God made sure to make me respond.

So then comes yesterday. I made it back in safely and was heading to my niece’s birthday party. Then I received some very upsetting texts from her and my heart broke. She decided she could not take the pressures of everything she had endured and is currently enduring any more. She decided that she was going to end her life. I was stunned and so very sad, but I prayed because I immediately thought about my own limitations and how I was helpless to physically help her…I offered to try and help her with her bills if I had money to help. I was sad that I had class and work today and could not go to stop her. But I remembered to pray…I texted several people very close to me who I knew I could trust to pray, who all responded and prayed. One of my prayer partners and my mom agreed that we would pray with her personally and I was praying while I was at my niece’s party. We got back home and I did the only thing I knew how to do…I prayed. I believed that only God could fix the situation and everything He pressed on my heart to bind up and decree and declare over her life I did. My mom left after she shared some critical words with her and then she began to speak. My mom and prayer partner both noticed something was wrong with her speech from the beginning of the call, but I kept praying. My prayer partner and I began to share additional scriptures with her and it was then that there was a shift.

Immediately, she began to speak clearly and began to call on the name of Jesus, saying wow, I understand now, I see what you were doing, I finally understand why you have been bringing it all back now, I need more, and just praising God. I myself felt the presence of the Lord and I just began to cry and praise Him for whatever was happening. She had a real, personal encounter with God, and it was then that things began to change…she went from defeat to victory, from victim to victor, and began to profess her faith.

What we did not know when we got on the phone was that she had taken 12 pills and was drinking. What we did not know is that they began to kick in while we were on the phone. What we did not know is that God decided to make himself real to her in the midst of the drugs taking effect in her system and give her a clarity that she has never had. I am fighting back tears typing this…because God saved her and did not let her die. He did not let her give up and He validated my faith yesterday. Even in talking to her today, He personally assured me to know that everything that I am praying for will be okay and will work out. So…I will not and I cannot worry. I will not and I cannot doubt Him anymore. If He could save her from a certain death by overdosing, He can fix everything concerning me and who I am praying for. He can right every wrong and redeem every loss. He can redeem the time and give us double for our trouble, just like He did with Job. I know this was long, but if you don’t believe in God, or don’t think He cares….just…please try Him out. Miracles still happen every day. We have just been conditioned in our world to think they don’t happen and that God is not real. There are so many people that make you want to think that God is a figment of your imagination, but when you witness Him save someone, or if you experience Him saving your life as He has saved mine countless times, you stop questioning and start surrendering. So try God out. Ask Him for a personal encounter, a personal experience and to show Himself to you. Vow to trust Him…and believe today.

Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, "He told me everything I ever did." John 4:39


2 Replies to “My God Is Real”

  1. WOW. Thats such extremly awesome! It is such encouraging to see, that Jesus is working TODAY!
    John 14:12 “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

    Thank you so much for sharing this!
    God bless you …

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