Make Music Count on CBS Atlanta

I’m sharing this with y’all because he has an amazing testimony. This is my friend Marcus. He QUIT his job to follow his dream of connecting math with music. I honestly remember when he was thinking of going to grad school for a program that would connect his passions for math and music. Then last year he reached out to me and others to support him in this…I obeyed God and supported him because I saw God’s blessing on the vision he had. I had to see this as encouragement to myself because of my impending move and quitting my job…the uncertainty that awaits. It strengthened my faith because just like God used me and others to sow into him, He will do the same for me and for you. God will make a way and provide for you when you trust Him. So I wanted to pass it on. Don’t limit God, follow the dream He gave you–of course you must know Him and seek Him for the dream He has for you–because He will bless the dreams He has given you. It requires some radical faith–which apparently is only the size of a mustard seed, lol. You have to be willing to walk on water like Peter–keep your eyes on Jesus! Marcus quit his job at the end of May last year and went into this full time with only two schools, working the program alone. Now, his program has spread to 15 schools and he has a staff. Bottom line: don’t give up on your dreams, because as long as God ordained it and you keep Him first, its sure to manifest and be larger than you can imagine!!

Love y’all!




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