In First Place

You shall have no other gods before Me. Exodus 20:3 NASB

In the beginning of God’s deluge to Moses on the rules of law that the children of Israel were to live by stands one of the greatest commandments. You shall have no other gods before Me. And in listening to a message on First Fruits almost two minutes ago, it dawned on me what that really meant. Have no other gods before me…this meaning I can’t have my family, my friends, my relationships, work, school, health, finances and money, anything or anyone, before Him.

I realize now that for all my life up until this point, that this lesson is what God has been trying to show me. Of course God especially personalizes this journey for each of us…but I now see that everything I have gone through has served to draw me closer to Him and to teach me this single fact. We must not have any other god before Him. Because all of these things can be come a ‘god’ for us…fame and attention, prosperity, power, lust, influence, work, our significant others…we allow these things to manipulate our schedules and control our sleeping. They influence when we wake up, what we will do when we leave work and when we get home. They even dictate how much time we spend with God, which service we go to and how long it needs to be. It all makes sense now.

It is essential to our faith that we learn to reverse the roles and the mistakes taught to us by everyday life. We must realize that it is in the reordering of those lists that the things that are most important can all be accomplished when we place those things at God’s feet after we have subjected ourselves to His instructions. It is when we start the day with prayer, praise and worship to and of Him that we can see those things fall into place before us. It is when we seek His dreams, visions, and appointed purposes for our lives that we begin to truly know who we are and truly begin to enjoy our lives here. It is when we put Him first in everything, that everything that was once a disarray and out of order becomes a flowing process. You begin to meet the right people at the right time to help you bring to pass those new ‘ideas,’ you meet that special someone because you have allowed God to reorder your life and priorities and give you a new value system, and you start really making those millions you have dreamed about (well, I know I will be making them soon, lol).

God has to be first. Before everything, every person, and every situation. God allows us to ‘go through’, revealing those voids in our lives so that we must seek Him. It was not until my daddy died and seemingly all hell broke loose that I really had to go to Him to get it all together. It was in almost having something I have always desired that I realized that I did not want that thing without God. With God first, everything you need and truly desire will manifest. With God first, there is no lack. With God first, everything comes to you instead of you seeking those things. Put Him first today, drop everything and let God give you those things back in their proper order–then watch your life take on a form you never dreamed of! Watch God blow your mind!

All these blessings will come upon you and overtake you if you obey the LORD your God. Deuteronomy 28:2 NASB


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