Daily Devotion

Wrong Side of the Bed
Then call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.  Psalm 50:15
Good morning!  I hope that yours has begun much better than my own has.  Ever since the smoke detector went off at 5:30 this morning, I've been angry.  I mean it woke me up in the best part of my sleep…mind you I was supposed to be waking up around that time anyway.  I turned my heat on last night in anticipation of the temperature drop down here.  I knew it would be chilly this morning so I went ahead and turned it on, and ignorantly to me, it would start smoking when it started.  So then when I finally woke up later around 6:30, I was irritated.  Then my yorkie Parker was insistent on staying under my bed even though he is banned from my room lol…when I finally left the house there is traffic, then I make it to the highway only to have more traffic, then I make a detour to try and beat the traffic only to experience the jarring halt of a TRAIN!  So I'm sure you can imagine my intense distress.
So finally I broke down and had only a mini-pity party because I immediately realized, thanks God, what the enemy tried to do to me today.  I hadn't really prayed, I mean I spoke to God in anger of the things that were going on this morning.  But I had not thanked the God that woke me up this morning, the God that allowed my body to function to its proper intent, the God that allowed me to get to work safely without harm, the God who is the lover of my soul.  I had not prayed!  I know we all have those days when everything from the start seem to go wrong.  Some things that seem to be outside of your control and without sympathy–we all experience them.  Good and bad, saved and unsaved, we all have them.  But the beauty of this is that as a believer, if I am in tuned with my Guide, we can quickly readjust.  The Holy Spirit will provide you the tools to tune yourself up and get you back in the right place.
For me this morning, it took listening to Smokie Norful's 'I Need You Now'…because I desperately needed God to come and touch me in my weakness.  I had to listen to Kirk Franklin's 'Hold Me Now' because in the state I was in, I needed God right then and there.  I needed Him to hug me and tell me it was okay to have those feelings.  God loves us so much that He gave us His Spirit to re-center us when our center of gravity turns us into depraved headhunters.  I'm sure if I had not prayed, had not listened and cried out for God's help, somebody would have gotten hurt or told off this morning.  But I can truly say THANK YOU LORD because He is always there to hear my cry and start me over on the right side.
"He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He will also hear their cry and will save them."  Psalm 145:19

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