Daily Devotion

Shut up Your Accuser 
"No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, said the LORD."  Isaiah 54:17
Everybody always recites this scripture only in part because they only say the first part!  But do you really know what you're missing out on?  Do you realize what power God has given us?  If only people realized the power of their words, and the God-given authority implied by His Spoken Word to us, we would not let the enemy defeat us or overpower our minds with negative words and thoughts.  The second half reads (and read it out loud, lol)  and EVERY TONGUE THAT SHALL RISE AGAINST YOU IN JUDGMENT YOU SHALL CONDEMN.  THIS IS THE HERITAGE OF THE SERVANTS OF THE LORD, AND THEIR RIGHTEOUSNESS IS OF ME, said the LORD.  God said this out of His own mouth, and His words do not return void.  God tells us we can cast down every tongue that comes to judge us.  This is our heritage as His servants and children.  Another translation says that "Their victory comes from me,".  So combined with the New Testament victory already given to us by Christ, what do we have to lose????  Why be afraid?  Why fear?  Why question and doubt?  Everything that is wrong in your life you can trust God to fix.  YOU can cast down demons and devils that attack you.  YOU can speak healing to your bodies.  YOU can learn to love others as God loves you by speaking the promise of His love.  The verse says every tongue that shall rise against YOU–not me, not the President, not your mom, not anybody!  YOU have the authority and the God-given power to shut the accusers that come against you.  Use it!
"See, the Sovereign LORD is on my side! Who will declare me guilty? All my enemies will be destroyed like old clothes that have been eaten by moths!"  Isaiah 50:9

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