Daily Devotion #2

Do you Believe?
"And a great multitude followed him, because they saw his miracles which he did on them that were diseased."  John 6:2
I really want to know if you believe in miracles, because I do.  Miracles can be as small as you getting a $20 for your empty gas tank or as great as you being delivered from a bad situation or being healed.
Back in the summer of 2004, I was out in Sacramento, in a research program at UC Davis.  We took weekend trips nearly every weekend.  I volunteered to drive that day; I had learned to drive a stick and I thought I'd take my cousin along with me so she could get out of the house.  We were going down to Berkeley to tour the lab.  So I was ecstatic, one to really put my driving skills to the test, and two to go to BERKELEY!!!  So on the ride down there, I noticed some little quirks with how the car was driving.  I just felt, "Something's wrong, maybe the car is running hot.  Lets just get there and park it for a few hours."  MInd you, the car had been serviced the day before.  So we got there, after I had a panic attack driving up one of those Bay Area hills…lol.  We toured the lab and had a great time.  On the ride back, I notice the same quirks and funny issues with the car.  I keep hearing something tell me, "Get off the highway.  Something is wrong with the car."  I got really scared–mind you I was in the inside lane with four-five people in the car, and lots of other cars on the highway.  So I get off, call my advisor and my cousin.  My advisor comes back, and offers to wait with us for a while.  But I send her along, my cousin is on the way.  So he finally arrives.  We get in the other car, and he test drives the car.  No problems.  I'm like, something was wrong, I know I'm not crazy.  So we get back on I-80 and head back up north.  I get maybe two exits ahead before he calls me back to him.  We get to the car and the front driver's side tire had flown off.  The service center did not tighten all the lug nuts and I think they left some off.  My life flashed before my eyes and I was really shaken up; it would have been very tragic.  Little did I know that it was good ole God, saving my life!  Had I kept driving…I don't even want to imagine. 
That's just one miracle I've experienced…not to mention several near death experiences like my plane skidding across the runway, terrible turbulence, almost receiving a biopsy that could have killed me, nearly being run off the road by an 18-wheeler, and just my being here is a miracle.  Hey hey hey, I'm not accident prone or anything, but the devil does not like people that put God first so why not try to kill them?  I've had little miracles too, trust.  I don't know about you, but I believe in Jesus, and I follow Him because of the many works He has done in my own life.  I may be as fortunate as the multitudes to witness the miraculous healings of the people, but I know what He can do, simply because of what He has done in the lives of those close to me.  I ask "Do you Believe?" because that is important.  For many, they have to witness a thing, see a thing to believe.  I just had to see what He is capable of myself–I only had one recommendation submitted for school on Jan 14–mind you the deadline was the next day, the day I had surgery and couldn't really concentrate to call people.  But obviously that is what God wants because He made it happen.  God will bring to pass whatever you ask in His Son's name and He is still performing miracles.  I take God everywhere with me, so even when I'm riding solo, He's guiding the little red car all the time lol.
Jesus was going throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness among the people.  Matthew 4:23

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