Daily Devotion

Appreciating the Quiet

“And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” Mark 4:39

Sometimes our minds get to running so far off course that we get ourselves into trouble. I realized that today is a quiet day, and I was just calm and quiet, no worries kind of day. But I kept getting thoughts in my head, annoying thoughts dead set on destroying my peace. Fortunately I recognized it and went outside into my car for my break, read a little, and took a nap. Put those thoughts to bed so that I could appreciate the calm and quiet that God has given me.

The context of the scripture above is like so: Jesus had just gotten finished preaching to the multitude and decided to leave and travel across the lake. There were other ships around with them. All of the sudden, a windstorm, and I assume much like our hurricanes came upon them. The waves were beating against the ship and caused the ship to fill with water. The disciples, who had not quite understood and appreciated the miracles Jesus had just performed, were quickly frightened and fearful. They go to Jesus, who is sleeping in the bottom of the ship, and probably cry out in fear at His lack of concern about the storm. See this is the learning point here. Jesus is the Son of God, so why would the Master of All be afraid of some little storm? He had just performed great miracles in healing the diseases and casting out demons of the crowds that He had encountered, so why would he be concerned with a few waves?(Mark 3-4) But we look at the “waves” and go ballistic! We lose all faith and are barely able to weather a light shower.

Even in times of damp ground and peace, we look and anticipate bad. So what happens, we get it! I am glad God allowed me to recognize what the devil was doing. I am on alert because he does get crafty and try to sneak up on us, but I recognize the power in changing your thoughts by speaking out loud. I said, I am going to take a nap and instantly the thoughts were gone. He was trying to make me find something to negatively meditate on. He was trying to make me find a fault with anything today and I must say that I am glad for my progress because I karate-kicked that fool! I embrace the great calm that God has given me and want to relish in it. Because not a single man or woman alive can give that to you, you should appreciate those points of peace and quiet. Be on guard because that great imp is always gearing up for ways to attack you. Be blessed and let God’s peace fall on you today!

“You rule the swelling of the sea; When its waves rise, You still them.” Psalm 89:9


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