Daily Devotion

Fairy Tales are Real
"Now in the days of Ahasuerus, the Ahasuerus who reigned from India to Ethiopia over 127 provinces," Esther 1:1
I bet you wonder why I said that, right?  Well, a typical fairy tale consists of a protagonist, the hero, an antagonist, the villian, and a damsel in distress, the prize to be won.  Well, the people of Israel have always been God's favored people.  But they have always either turned their backs on God or victimized in some way.  They are the damsel in distress, but with a twist–they were often disobedient, more like the Prodigal Son.  The different prophets, like Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah, were their fairy "godfathers", warning them of what would happen if they were disobedient.  God sends Jesus, our hero, and He dies to save us.  Isn't that what fairy tales consist of?
One of my favorite books of the bible is Esther.  Now when I was little, you could find me reading anything.  I had to have read every single book in the John P. Thomas and Gibbes libraries while I was in school.  But nothing was like Esther was.  She was beautiful, chosen by King Ahasuerus (aka Xerxes), to be his new queen.  Unknown to her, Haman, an evil Agagite, secretly plots to have all Jews killed.  Because the King trusted him, he did not know what Haman was planning.  Esther's uncle helped her inform the king, and Haman was put to death instead.  Without Esther, there would not be many Jews–for as history tells it, it was not until after Xerxes that the Temple in Jerusalem was officially completed.  All of the Jews would have been killed.  God put a story like this in the Bible to inspire us–that although we sometimes face great dangers, He will be sure to rescue us and make a way for us.  Although you may face difficulties, you may even face death at times, God will make His righteous prevail.  And even if you die, we have already won because of His sacrifice with Jesus.  Good night!

God loves you…He blesses you with another day so make the most of it!

Marquita B. Priester


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