Daily Devotion

Breaking Away from Tradition and Seeking God

‘He answered them, “Why do you break the commandment of God because of your traditions?”‘ Matthew 15:3(GWT)

Afternoon people! I listened to so much stuff before my hour of lucidity this morning, that quite frankly I do not remember where this was inspired from. Lol I woke up like three times: at 5:40am and the radio was on with a sermon that I cannot recall, around 6:20 for the regular alarm and late alarms, then at about 7:50ish lol when I actually got out of the bed. Christ tells us that He will make us fishers of men(Matthew 4:19), that we are to preach the Good News and bring others to Him(2 Timothy 1:8); I guess He wanted me to go fishing early–I really gotta stop going to bed so late.

Traditionally, only men are pastors and ministers. In some religions, a person can only be considered a member if they convert or traditionally through the lineage and belief of one of the parents. In modern day traditions, there are denominations in churches. Traditionally, there is only one type of Christian music. In the world, traditionally only women are nurses, men are politicians, and sadly, traditionally in order to be successful as black people, you have to be an athlete or an entertainer.

I have always wondered why there is so much opposition to change. There has been problems with breaking “traditions” since forever, and including before Jesus came. Here at work I am certain much of the difficulty I am having with my supervisor is because traditionally, this is a white older male industry, in a traditionally white town where historically the black population was enslaved, ignorant, or very poor (So yes imagine the discomfort I have each day I am here in Charleston). But didn’t God send many saints and prophets to change traditional thinking and to simply be obedient, i.e. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and John the Baptist to name a few. Before and after Jesus came, many were persecuted in His name and for preaching to the world to change and break away from their sin.(2 Timothy 3:12-13) Everybody wants to live their way, the same way they have lived for the last unknown number of years. Some things get brushed under the rug, hidden in the closet or ignored altogether because of tradition and refusal to go against it.

I have a new found respect for musical pioneers like Kirk Franklin to some recent talent like Canton Jones and Mary Mary. Reach me how God wants you to! Don’t make me conform to a traditional way of thinking. Our purpose is to share God’s word and the salvation given by Jesus Christ; not to put God in a box called Methodist or in a container called Gospel.(2 Timothy 4:2) Think about it, were there such stiff traditions as we have today in the New Testament? Yes there were, hence the Pharisees plot to kill Jesus; they didn’t like the change He was bringing and the light He shed on their evil ways. But Jesus preached from boats, in people’s homes, the temples and synagogues, wherever the Father had him go.(Luke 5:1, Luke 5:3, Luke 5:17, Luke 6:6) The only way to know what God wants you to know is by reading His word, interpreting it and discussing it with mature Christians. Don’t accept someones way of thinking, be influenced in a negative way because of a tradition or let it define how you view God: seek Him yourself, because He desires an intimate relationship with each of us. I think that was one of the best things about me going to Clark; my school was Methodist, I grew up Baptist, I ended up attending a nondenominational church and seeking God from many different backgrounds. I seek my own personal understanding.

The whole new testament in its entirety is a break away from tradition. Many people did not accept Jesus, hence His crucifixion for our sins! I’m glad that God saw fit to break away from man-made tradition to save me, don’t you?(Romans 5:6) Because if tradition still stood, we would not know Christ; salvation was not originally entitled to the Gentiles.(Ephesians 2:13) Ask yourself, why would God create so many different people from diverse backgrounds if He did not want to save us all?(1 Timothy 2:3-4, Romans 10:12-13) We are all justified to seek Him!(Romans 5:9)

Be blessed and think outside of the world’s box and on the glory of God!


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