Fasting This Week

Hi everyone!
I want to invite you to fast with me this week, Monday thru Friday for the work week.  I will be fasting from 8am to 8pm everyday(I have to eat with some of my medicines, lol).  I am doing it because I really want to get in tune with God so that I can know what it is that He is preparing me to do next.  I will be drinking lots of water and tea though.  I will be praying throughout the day and I will make a specific point to go out to my car or somewhere I can be alone and have a few minutes to meditate on a scripture and get myself refocused.  Feel free to modify it specific to your health needs and concerns.  I love you as always and thank you for growing and going on this journey with me!

God loves you…He blesses you with another day so make the most of it!

Marquita B. Priester


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