Daily Devotion

Who is your Number One?


I pray you are blessed and favored in the Lord today! Life is not guaranteed to be easy but by trusting in God and His promises wholeheartedly all things are possible..especially getting through today.

I read my personal devotion today on Integrity. Although it is not what I’m going to speak on, it spurred the fire for my devotion today. It mentioned how people will rate themselves higher than average and I didn’t wholly see how that had anything to do with integrity, but it caused me to think: are we putting God first? Is He more important than anything or anyone in our lives? Including ourselves? I know you wonder how I came to that conclusion from that topic right, but it’s like this: if you are glorifying yourself, more highly than you should, can God truly be your number one? Can He truly be your focus? God is selfish! He said it back in Exodus with Moses on the Mountain. Exodus 20:3 says “You shall have no other gods before me.” Especially yourself! Don’t you know everything you think you have can be gone in an instant!

I somewhat think that’s why I have my scars. Don’t get me wrong, I had self-esteem issues in the past and was very self-conscious and even compared myself to other people. But I have always loved taking pictures. When I first got sick, I was taking very high doses of Prednisone. It’s like liquid poison in a bag or pill in my case now lol. Because the doses were so high, I gained like 40lbs in about 3 months. I now have these really bad stretch marks. When they first came up, I felt them happening and my skin ripping. I wouldn’t take pictures or even look in a mirror without crying. People would ask me what happened but I really tried to avoid people to prevent from having to tell it so often. I have to relate this to 2 Corinthians 12:8-10 of when Paul complained of some problem to God that He would not take away. God told Paul that His grace is sufficient for us and weakness perfects His power. So that I will always remember it is God, not me, that has done everything for me; I have a constant reminder of where He has delivered me from. My stria and now my scar from the transplant are reminders to keep Him number one and remain humble. What is the thing that God has given you to remember to always keep Him first? For remember in our weakness, God’s power is made perfect!

Be blessed!


“The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

Marquita B. Priester


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