Daily Devotion!

Confessing for a Better Tomorrow

I decided that I wanted to stop worrying and complaining about the different things that plague me. I was a worrier–And part of that is attributed to thinking so much–remember the saying study long, you study wrong? My personal variation is you think too long and too much you confuse right with wrong–and you end up with a headache or heartache. I decided that I would have to reinforce myself with positive affirmations each day for everything I worried about–my future job, my relationships, my view of myself, and plenty of other things. I have a calendar reminder that tells me that God is in control like 10 times a day. We cannot allow ourselves to be consumed with worry–look at what Jesus says in Matthew 6: 25-34…specifically Matthew 6:34: “Don’t worry about tomorrow. It will take care of itself. You have enough to worry about today.” After reading that entire passage, you should really look at the important things and focus on life.

However, God gave us the Word—His law—with specific decrees that guarantee us what we want if we believe it. We can confess that God’s will be done in our lives. We can confess healthiness, wealth, and life if we receive them. We can truly make a change in our own outlook on life if we recite these words and pray each day. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing—pray and pray and pray until we pray again. Confession, to me, is the same way. Let me clarify that. I personally believe that we can change our situations in life with choices and confession allows us to align the choice we make with God’s word. We can confess “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”–Philippians 4:13 and then we are to put that in action and go forth and do all things! I take from those words that Christ gives me strength to overcome all things–worrying about a project at work, having to deal with someone I don’t like, making sure my financial needs are met. If we are sick, we confess and profess healing over ourselves. As long as you believe it, it will eventually be. See 1 Peter 2:24, Isaiah 53:5, Psalm 118:17. Now, there are some things that may not happen, but we have to accept that as God’s will and something for which we have no control. But to defeat the doubt that arises, remember that God will use the good and bad in our lives for His glory. (Psalm 37:4, John 15:7, 2Timothy 4:18, Romans 8:28)

In connection to a previous devotion, in accepting and coming to terms with these things, I learned that everything that has happened to me will bring glory to God. He used my illness and surgery to touch other people. He used my very being here today to touch people. He will use whatever situation in your life to make sure that you know He is Lord over all things. With that said, confess health, wealth, deliverance, strength, prosperity, guidance and more into your tomorrow and don’t worry about it!

Love you~



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